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Scottish Historic Buildings Trust has raised in excess of £25 million to bring over 30 historic buildings back to life throughout Scotland.

We are a charitable organisation dedicated to regenerating significant historic buildings, for the benefit of others, through conservation and sustainable re-use. On completion buildings are either, rented or sold, or, we will work in partnership with others to develop new uses that benefit the community.

Scottish Historic Buildings Trust previously operated as three individual trusts working within the Alba Conservation Group of trusts comprising Alba Conservation Trust, Cockburn Conservation Trust and Scottish Historic Buildings Trust.  The three trusts merged in 2010 combining over 30 years experience in building conservation for the regeneration of Scottish communities.

Scottish Historic Buildings Trust is a not for profit Building Preservation Trust and does not receive any core funding for its work.

Our Projects

SHBT usually takes ownership or a long lease of a historic building to secure its re-development and sustainable future, taking the project from inception to completion and retaining the building to ensure that it is properly cared for and managed in the long term.

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Working in Partnership with others

SHBT provides project facilitation skills to other trusts, community groups or building owners to help them develop their own historic building projects in the following ways:

  • Advice and General Support
  • Options Appraisals/Feasibility Studies – finding the appropriate new use for a building
  • Fundraising – helping to prepare funding applications to major grant funders
  • Project Management – helping through the lifetime of a project or just a part of it.

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SHBT also works with Local Authorities and Historic Scotland to meet National Outcome 12 (Environment) to remove buildings from the Buildings at Risk register.

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Current Projects - Working in Partnership

Property Management

SHBT holds a property portfolio of unique buildings that we have developed and actively manage and maintain. Some buildings are fully rented out to long-term tenants others are divided into individual office suites and are available to rent. These range from offices units and creative industries workspaces to community halls and facilities.

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Education and Outreach

We provide education and outreach to give others an insight and understanding of their buildings and particular conservation techniques employed in their restoration and re-use. This ranges from Open Days and other events to schools packs and activities.

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