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Scottish Historic Buildings Trust

Everyone has driven or walked past a forlorn and unloved historic building at some time. You may have wondered why it isn’t being used or why someone doesn’t do something with it. The answer is often complex and the solutions equally so. It takes a special group of people to identify a way forward and restore these buildings to the benefit of the community.

Scottish Historic Buildings Trust (SHBT) is a dynamic and innovative charity that does just that. It is dedicated to regenerating significant historic buildings for the benefit of others throughout the whole of Scotland.

What we do

Riddle's Court installation of sandstone roundels

Our Projects

SHBT has over 40 years’ experience delivering complex projects that regenerate neglected historic buildings and give them a sustainable future.

Riddle's Court Geddes Ceiling

Our Buildings

SHBT holds a property portfolio of stunning historic buildings that are available to lease or hire for offices, events and functions.

Riddle's Court Lady Rosebery reads to a youngster


SHBT actively promotes community engagement with the history of our buildings and the complexities of the building restoration process.

Riddle's Court Wedding Confetti in the Courtyard


Our historic buildings offer a romantic setting for your wedding ceremony or special occasion. Celebrate in the heart of Scottish history in atmospheric venues around the country. For more information, visit our dedicated weddings website and get in touch with a member of our Events Team who will answer any questions you might have about planning a memorable day.

News and Events

doocot diaries

Posted on: 27.06.24

Doocots are rare survivors of a bygone age, offering a window into our past. Here Jamie Swanson, gives a brief history of these structures and their importance.

Trustee roles

Posted on: 04.06.24

Following a recent review, Scottish Historic Buildings Trust are seeking to appoint four additional trustees to join our strong and committed board.

New Director appointment

Posted on: 21.02.24

Scottish Historic Buildings Trust, the charity dedicated to regenerating significant historic buildings across Scotland, has appointed Dr Samuel Gallacher as Director.

King's Chamber Bedroom

ZAC & ZAC Photography


The King’s Chamber is an extraordinary one-bedroom holiday apartment on the Royal Mile. A hidden gem, it features 16th-century painted ceilings created for a royal banquet, combined with a tasteful mix of traditional and modern furnishings.