Knockando Cottage Restored

Our Commitment to the Climate Emergency

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The Scottish Historic Buildings Trust (SHBT) recognise the current climate emergency and are committed to doing what we can to play our part in mitigating the effects of Climate Change.

Knockando Cottage Restored
Knockando Woolmill Trust

In addressing climate change SHBT are starting from a great position as our stated objective is already to appropriately repair and repurpose traditional buildings securing their future and therefore all of the embodied energy within the building fabric.

We acknowledge that we are not building scientists at the cutting edge of technological innovations but our knowledge of the traditional built environment and historic building fabric is second to none. How we implement change to our traditional buildings, incorporating energy efficient fabric upgrades or renewable energy technology, will continue to evolve as best practice develops and new technology becomes available. It is a continual learning process for us and one that we aim to embrace in full.

Riddle's Court Children of Cowgate admire the building work

Whilst we learn however, we will not sit idle. It is incumbent on ALL of us to effect some change to mitigate our impact on the planet; change in the way we live; change in the way we work; change in the way we approach our built environment; change in the way we consume the worlds resources. What we know for sure is that doing nothing is NOT an option. Some changes that we will need to make will be difficult, uncomfortable even, and take time to implement; others may be simpler and can be incorporated in our lives straight away.

As the Macro changes that will undoubtedly be required are implemented over time, SHBT will continue to commit to undertaking any micro changes that we can, such as adopting new and sustainable working practices within our organisation, transitioning to a sustainable supply chain, reducing our carbon footprint and use of energy wherever possible, and encouraging our staff – our greatest asset in tackling climate change – to address all of these issues in both their professional and personal lives.

Riddle's Court installation of sandstone roundels

Sometimes the global challenge confronting us can seem too great for us to be able to tackle and that climate change can only be resolved through governmental intervention. It has, however, been clearly demonstrated that the small changes that we can make day to day, individually and collectively, can and will make a significant difference. We at SHBT are keen to rise to that challenge and play our part.

Whilst we continue to learn let us all continue to make the changes we can and together we will make a difference.

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