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The Patrick Geddes Centre for Learning is an educational arm of SHBT primarily based at Riddle’s Court in Edinburgh: a unique learning and cultural centre for all.

We seek to revive awareness, and build expertise, around the ideas, actions and impact of Geddes, which continue to resonate today. We offer a varied seasonal programme of cultural and learning events, exciting workshops for schools, and quality public tours of Riddle’s Court and Edinburgh’s Old Town.

Patrick Geddes Centre Tour - Green Spaces Study Day


In the late 1880s Patrick Geddes founded his university halls for students at Riddle’s Court and ran summer schools which unusually for the times were open to people from diverse backgrounds.

In keeping with this tradition today the centre strives to offer a rich and varied programme of learning activities which connect with people of different ages and backgrounds.

As Riddle’s Court is primarily an events venue, group tours must be booked in advance. Get in touch with the team today for more information on our different tours, designed to suit your interests.

“So interesting… lots of small personal details within broad historical sweep. Great value. Perfectly paced. Thank you!”

Tour Participant

Public Events at Riddle’s Court

In addition to our tours, we run a variety of public events at Riddle’s Court including music recitals, talks and seminars, workshops and craft activities.

Patrick Geddes Photograph

Find out more about Patrick Geddes

Explore the life and influence of Patrick Geddes in our research article, including his early life, career, work in Edinburgh and abroad, and the lasting legacy he left behind.


The Patrick Geddes Centre at Riddle's Court

Riddle's Court Entrance Archway with 'Vivendo Discimus' stone carving